Tony Vu


With 8 years acting as CEO of leading technology companies in Vietnam, Tony leads the companyโ€™s vision and mission to deliver integrated, value-based blockchain solutions for partners.

Nang Doan


As Co-founder of Onesoft, CEO of Rocket Studio, Nang provides leadership to a very exciting and fast-growing company based on the sound business model of creating value for customers.

Kimmie Vu


Kimmie also takes the role as CMO at Onesoft - Rocket Games Studio with 10 years of experience in the gaming industry, 5 years as Marketing Leader directly working on and optimizing for global-scaled game titles, including apps with hundred-of-million downloads.

Cuong Cao


Cuong has more than 6 years experience as a CTO at Rocket Studio. His excellent skills and leadership in technology has contributed to the success of top OneSoft games.

Suri Hoang


As an expert with 10 years experience in sales & marketing, technology, and gaming field, Suri acts as the lead marketing visionary to facilitate sales and marketing strategy. Suri is also CMO of FPT AdTrue and CEO of AdOne.

Minh Vu


Minh acts as the Co-Founder and COO at FPT AdTrue, he reinforces business operations to have the organizations perform effectively with all membersโ€™ engagement.

Hoang Pham


Hoang has more than 10 years experience in Game Design. His excellent skills and creativity are presented in the many top games of Onesoft which attracts hundreds of millions players over the world

Hai Lee

Blockchain Advisor

As an experienced Chief Technology Officer at OnePad, Hai dedicated himself to the computer networking industry with more than 10 years skilled in Programmatic Advertising and Blockchain Transformation.

Yen Nguyen

Global Community Director

Yen has 9 years of experience in Marketing & Business Development for a diversity of fields globally. She is Marketing Manager of OnePad and will join the team as Global Community Director.

Hai Nguyen

Regional community Director

Hai acts as the lead community visionary to grow the business globally and to offer the most profitable schemes to users. He has more than 5 years in Marketing, Digital Transformation, and Community Growth.

Thanh Bui

Partnership Manager

Thanh acts as the Partnership leader to connect the right investors with trusted and potential projects. Other than being Head of Partnership at TrueTV Network, she also has been working for more than 5 years in Global Affair and Digital Transformation

Minh Nguyen

Blockchain Director

Minh takes the role as the lead blockchain visionary to help NFT projects grow successfully. He is also CTO at MasOffer and GDC with 10 years of working in affiliation, e-commerce, and blockchain development.

Dung Pham

Product Director

At OneSoft, Dung takes the role as Game Development Manager with more than 7 years in a journey of creating hit games for Rocket Studio and Onesoft. He has dedicated himself to the game industry, blockchain technology and inspires his passion and leadership with the production team.

Binh Vu

Art Director

With more than 10 years in Design, Binh acts as the Art Director to design and manage the team with creative 2D/3D key products and features.

Hien Nguyen

Graphic Director

Hien acts as the graphic leader with the mission to create the best product for user experience. He is a magical master with 7 years in 2D/3D, UX, UI and Game Design.

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