Machine Part Durability

There are two type of machine parts in the game, the Genesis Machine Part and the Non Genesis Machine Part. The Genesis Machine Part does not have durability, so player can use it to play forever. However, the Non Genesis Machine Part has durability, after earning Blue Shards, the durability will be reduced. When the durability of a machine part reachs 0, player can no longer use it in any game mode.

Quick Fight Durability:

Each win fight in Quick fight mode will reduce all machine part that used in the match by 0.2% durability

Campaign Durability:

Each fight in Campaign mode will reduce all machine part that used in macth by "base shard reward" x 0.2% durability

For example, if player plays campaign for the first time and gets total 5 wins, all machine parts will lose : 3 x 0.2% = 0.6% durability

Tournament Durability:

Playing a round player will lose 0.2% durability for all machine parts

For example, player use a ticket and play tournament, the player wins 8 straight fight then lose, so all machine parts will lose: (8+1) x 0.2% = 1.8% durability

Repair fees:

Gold cost = Rarity x (1 + number of time you repair this item/10)


Common: 1,

Rare: 2,

Mythical: 3,

Legendary: 4

ex: To repair Mythical for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd..., it takes 3 gold each time until you reach your 10th time of repairing it, then it will be 6 gold to repair that Mythical

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