Game Balancing

Easy to approach game mechanics, simple gameplay

A good game is an easy-to-approach game. MetaGear's gameplay is quite simple, you only have to prepare a Gear by mixing Machine Part, then wait to see their simulated fights. You don't need to learn the ability descriptions, or counter elements circle,... You only need to learn from the failure, that is the bright way to victory.

MetaGear is a high-tactical fighting game with a touch of luck, thus, players need to have tactical thinking in order to design a machine with the most effective combat ability. The results of the fight don’t entirely depend on the index or the machine’s rarity, but also depend on the designs and distinguishing features of each machine. That means you can win opponents with a higher index if your machine has a more unique design and is more effective.

MetaGear’s combat mode operates entirely on physical impact science as in real life, that is why the disparity in the machine’s index doesn’t decide the game result. As mentioned before, if players don’t design their machines logically, the machine may be useless when facing opponents who are weaker in the index. This helps MetaGear create a balance between players who don’t have much disparity in the index.

Besides, with the smart organizing system between players, you will always find opponents who have equivalent ranks and can earn more valuable rewards in combat modes.

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