About Us

Rocket Studio is a member of Onesoft, established in 2009. Rocket Studio, a team with more than 100 employees with many years of experience in gaming production and operation on the client and mobile platforms, have had huge achievements from our games with more than 300M+ downloads on Google Play and App Store. With a large number of users playing Space shooter, Galaxy attack on Google Play store, we have proved our success, and we have created an entirely new genre of online fighting game that adapts with blockchain in order to bring the best experience for crypto users.

With our strategic partnership with OnePad โ€“ a company with many years in building and developing the blockchain ecosystem, we have together created MetaGear to mark our breakthrough in online gaming integration with blockchain technology. With Onepadโ€™s technical platform under the advice of top technology corporations in Vietnam, operating mechanisms and security are our top priorities.

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