Besides campaign mode, Tournament is the most anticipated and attractive game mode for players. There will be tournaments for all players every week. It is considered the most intense mode in which players have to go through many consecutive rounds to win the final and become the champion.

Each group has 50 participants forming a group stage lasting for 1 week. The whole tournament will last for 2 month.


Tournament will start on monday till sunday for every week. It will end on 23:45 Saturday (UTC + 0) and will stop to calculate for an hour till Sunday 1:00 (UTC + 0) then distribute the rewards. Monday is the registration day (will be locked after 24 hours). If you missed registering on monday, you won't be able to participate in the tournament for the whole week.

You will join a group stage of 50 players. Players will receive 3 tickets to play every day. You can choose one from 3 formations of yours to start the fight. IMPORTANT: If one of the machine part on one comp is out of durability, you can still start the tournament but can't switch to that formation anymore once the durability ran out.

You will fight 10 consecutive matches for every ticket. If you lose a fight, you will lose all the point you got from winning. You can use points to change your opponents up to 3 times per round. You can also choose to forfeit to save up some point if you can't change opponent anymore. For every round, each machine part in the chosen formation will lose 0.2% durability.

NOTE: You won't be able to start a new game 15 minutes before the day ends.

Point calculation:

Weekly Rewards:

Tournament Rewards:

The total prize pool of the first tournament rewards will be 40.000 busd, the details will be as follow:

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