Robot Battle is the most popular tournament on the planet in 2035. Manufacturing robots to join battles is a competition for geniuses and the winner will be honored as a hero. Tom is a fatherless boy. His father has won many global Robot battle championships. Tom inherits his fatherโ€™s passion for crafting. Therefore, he spends a lot of time in the Garage manufacturing robots with the hope of joining big tournaments just like his father did.

However, Tom is just a kid with a passion for crafting robots from picked-up scraps, his robots had never won even in the smallest tournament.

When he was 12, Tom accidentally found a blueprint (BluePrint) and his fatherโ€™s unfinished robot in the garage. Tom decided to complete the machine without knowing that it was the most powerful and special robot that his father had ever made. With that robot, Tom then joined tournaments and won his first-ever victories. He continued his journey to craft and advanced his robot to join much bigger tournaments and encounter more powerful opponents. The adventure begins!

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