Chassis is the body of the machine, each chassis has differences in shape, slot position, and feature. Choosing a chassis plays the most important role in the game because it will affect the physical impact mechanism and the performance of the various parts mounted on the chassis.

Slots are placed randomly; players can assemble other parts in the slots that have similar functions. Each slot will correspond to a specific type of part, players cannot mount weapons on the gadget or the wheel slots.

Chassis has many parameters

  • HP: Health points

  • Mass: the weight of the chassis, the more weight it is, the higher chance that it will push opponent into the wall.

  • Nationality: There is 8 nation in the game - heart for red, sky for light blue, crown for gold, tsunami for dark blue, forest for green, dream for purple, snow for white and flamingo for pink. Each nation has a different Ace (general) that will buff for all nation machine parts in combat.

  • Energy: The more energy, the more gadget, and weapon you can put in your chassis.

  • Level: The higher level, the more powerful machine part will be

  • Rarity: There are 4 types of rarity in game. Common -> Rare -> Mythical -> Legendary.

For example: If the chassisโ€™ power is 8, you cannot install with a total power of more than 8.

You can see all the information of the Machine parts in the Database link

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