Wheels help the machine move. The machine will move forwards or backward wherever the opponent is. Besides, Wheels will supply the machine with HP and work according to real-life physical logic.

The Wheelsโ€™ HP depends on the level, rarity, and size. The larger the wheel, the higher the HP stat. Moreover, special types of wheels will also have more complement features like lifting the machine up to the air, boosting the propulsive force, or causing damage.

Each machine may or may not have Wheels. They have 2 different sizes depending on how the players design them. Wheels donโ€™t have a power stat so players can mount them on the chassis freely.

Wheels has many parameters

  • HP: or health points that will added up if the wheel is equipped

  • Nationality: There is 8 nation in the game - heart for red, sky for light blue, crown for gold, tsunami for dark blue, forest for green, dream for purple, snow for white and flamingo for pink. Each nation has a different Ace (general) that will buff for all nation machine parts in combat.

  • Size: There are 5 sizes of wheel: Very Small, Small, Medium, Big, Very Big

  • Mass: Mass of the wheel

  • Friction: friction of the wheel. The more friction, the more speed the wheel will get

  • Motor speed: the rotation speed of the wheel

  • Bounciness: the bouncy parameter of the wheel against the ground

  • Level: The higher level, the more powerful machine part will be

  • Rarity: There are 4 types of rarity in game. Common -> Rare -> Mythical -> Legendary.

You can see all the information of the Machine parts in the Database link

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