Aces of Nation

Aces of Nation is the lastest feature in Metagear. Player can choose 1 in 8 Aces of Nation, who are the champions in their nation. Choose one from 8 Aces that represents 8 Nations in the game (Sky, Heart, Forest, Dream, Tsunami, Crown, Snow, Flamingo). Each Ace has a unique powerful skill tree for you to level up your strength specifically for that nation only. You can only equip one Ace per one comp.

Skill tree has passive and active skills. Passive skills improve the characteristics of your machine parts while Active skills will be automatically activated after a delay time. To see the information about the Ace and the list of available skills, you need to press the “Skill” button on that Ace. Every Ace has a skill and an ultimate that automatically activated during the game once the Ace is equipped.

Use GEAR to unlock and level up your Aces and use material to unlock your desired skill patch. You can also erase your skill tree to choose it again.

Detail on skill tree of Aces can be found in this database.

Aces of Nation Skill Tree

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