NFTs quantity controlling

NFTs released from the project are controlled in a limited number with 2 main goals:

  • Control NFT inflation, create scarcity, and enhance NFTs value

  • Empower the community to release NFT from playing games

MetaGear's biggest goal is to help players own truly valuable NFTs not only for gaming but also to create other valuable NFTs that can be freely bought, sold, and exchanged in the MetaGear economy. Each NFT generated is unique and the player has full discretion.

Genesis Machine Parts (Limited)

  • There are a maximum of 50,000 Genesis Machine Parts in the game (equivalent to a maximum of 10,000 Gears crafted from a Genesis Machine Parts)

  • A small amount of Genesis Machines Parts will be sold through planned sales. All $GEAR obtained from Genesis Machine Parts sales will be burned 100%

  • Most Genesis Machines parts quantity will be earned from playing the game and owned by the players

After 50,000 Genesis Machines Parts are generated from the sale of NFTs by developers and players earned in the game, the next NFTs that can be earned by players in the game are Durable Machine Parts only.

Durable Machine Parts (Unlimited)

Durable machine parts have a durability stat that decreases with the number of times participating in the battle and receiving rewards.

Players can own Machine parts at a cheaper price than Genesis machines Parts and still be able to participate in all in-game features, buy, sell and rent to get income. In addition, players who own Machine parts need to use materials to restore durability.

The life cycle of the Durable machine part has been calculated to ensure the ability to exploit and earn profit for players. play. This means that the player can fully profit before the machine part needs to recover its durability.

Repair Cost

The cost of repairing the machine part when the durability is reduced to 10% is calculated as follows:

  • Cost (Gold amount) = Rarity * (1+[repair times/10])

+ Rarity = 1 (Common)

+ Rarity = 2 (Rare)

+ Rarity = 3 (Mythic)

+ Rarity = 4 (Legendary)

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