The weapon has the ability to cause damage to the opponent, each weapon has a different damage stat per second (DPS). Damage stat depends on the weaponโ€™s rarity and level.

There are two kinds of weapons: Melee weapons & Ranged weapons.

  • Melee weapons can only cause damage when colliding with the opponentโ€™s machine. Each kind of weapon has a different DPS and composition.

  • Ranged weapons can cause damage from afar without having to approach the opponent. Each weapon has a different DPS and attacking feature.

Choosing a weapon to mount on the Chassis is really important because each weapon has a different feature and composition. Players need to choose a suitable weapon that matches the overall composition of the chassis in order to make the best combat performance.

Weapon has many parameters

  • ATK: or DPS, stand for the damage weapon can cause in 1 second, in normal setup.

  • Nationality: There is 8 nation in the game - heart for red, sky for light blue, crown for gold, tsunami for dark blue, forest for green, dream for purple, snow for white and flamingo for pink. Each nation has a different Ace (general) that will buff for all nation machine parts in combat.

  • Energy: The cost of energy that chassis must have in order to equip weapon

  • Type of Weapon: Light, Medium, Heavy

  • Level: The higher level, the more powerful machine part will be

  • Rarity: There are 4 types of rarity in game. Common -> Rare -> Mythical -> Legendary.

You can see all the information of the Machine parts in the Database link

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