A pilot is a character who controls the machine, in the initial phase, players will choose 1 out of the 3 default pilots with different characteristics. Pilots in phase 1 will be ordinary characters and will not have any complementing usage in the game.

In Phase 2, MetaGear will launch more Pilots with various avatars. Pilot NFTs will be sold in OpenSea

Opensea MetaGear: https://opensea.io/collection/moongear

What is Pilot ultility?

Pilot is a unique NFT representing player in Metagear's metaverse.

With a Pilot, player can purchase land/ building in our metaverse.

There will be 10.000+ houses/ building in our metaverse in phase 1. Player must have pilot NFT in order to purchase the NFT.

Metagear gameplay in the ecosystem

Metagear is just 1 of many gameplay in the metaverse, you can access the metaverse and access many play to earns game.

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