Online Chat

Interaction in the game world is an indispensable need to increase the player's experience. However, current NFT games are ignoring this. In addition to normal gaming, every player wants to talk to others to share and discuss many areas, not only the game.

MetaGear will integrate a chat feature so that players can chat on many channels, including Global, Local (by country), and Guild. The online chat feature will be integrated in Q1/2022.

As part of the future development of Metaverse, MetaGear focuses on optimizing features to help players interact with each other. MetaGear is not only a game but also a miniature society.


NFTs are assets owned by each player, which means that NFTs can also become a gift for friends. Instead of trading NFTs on the marketplace, players can choose the gifting feature to send NFTs directly to the recipient's wallet.

For security purposes, you need to check the correct recipient wallet address before making a transaction. Transactions will be secured through MetaGear's security system.

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