• Blueprint is the most valuable asset that players can earn when playing the game.

  • Blueprints are used to manufacture new Genesis machine / Machine parts or to build important materials to upgrade: Booster, Upgrade Materials.

  • Players need to collect 1000 Blue Shards to complete a Blueprint.

  • Blueprints can be sold/bought from Marketplace.

  • Blue Shards are in-game rewards when players join any game mode. Blue Shards are not NFT so they cannot be traded.

  • Items received after using Blueprint are random.

Machine part opening rate

To ensure a balance between growth and inflation control, the generated machine parts will have the following type ratio:

  • The rate of opening Blueprint and getting the machine part is 25%

  • The ratio of the type of machine part received will be: Genesis Machine Part (25%) and Durable Machine Part (75%)

Note: The rate of getting Genesis when opening blueprint can be changed depending on when special events moments.

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