One of the deepest metagame!


  • Genesis Machine has eternal durability, players who own Genesis Machine can use it forever to play games without having to restore durability.

  • There are maximum of 50,000 Genesis Machines in the game (equivalent to a maximum of 10,000 Gears crafted from a Genesis Machine)

  • After 50,000 Genesis Machines are minted by the NFTs sale from developers and players earned in the game, the next NFTs that can be earned by players in the game are non Genesis Machine Parts.


  • Basically Machine Part is similar to Genesis Machine with similar stats, players can build Gears and use all of features on the marketplace, but Machine Part has durability stat. The durability stat depends on the type of machine parts and the rarity.

  • You can see all the information of the Machine parts in the Database link

  • The durability of the Machine Parts decreases over time, on 10 days average. When durability drops to Zero, Machine parts cannot be assembled and battled.

  • To restore durability, players need to use materials (Gold, Green Mat, Yellow Mat, Purple Mat)

Crafting Gears

A complete Gear is made from 4 main parts: Chassis, Weapon, Gadget, Wheels. Each part has a different role that affects the ability and competition for the performance of the machine.

However, joining a battle doesnโ€™t require the Gear to be fully equipped. Sometimes, the Gear with missing parts can be an interesting tactic and can still easily win. The addition, replacement, or removal of any parts of the machine all depends on the playerโ€™s tactic.

The assembling mechanism is simple. Players need to pick a Chassis with slots available on the chassis, then choose other parts like weapons, gadgets, and wheels to craft a complete Gear. The body parts can be disassembled and easily replaced depending on the playerโ€™s strategy.

One of the deepest metagame

The meaning of the game is to build the Gears to fight others players in a group stage to get the best results. The higher power of Gear only mean higher chance that you will win aggainst opponents, the rest is based on physic.

Some Gears could counter each other no matter how high power other could be. So you should try every Machine Part combinations you have. The more you understand about the game, the more combinantions you come up with.

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