Many chassis have slots for gadgets, this is the part that helps the machine to have more special abilities and makes the battle become more interesting than ever. Some special features include:

  • Speed up (Booster)

  • Move backward (Backpedal)

  • Push back opponent (Repulse)

  • Flip up the opponent (Forklift)

  • HP recover (First-aid kit)

  • Lift the opponent up (Lifter)

  • Drag the opponent (Harpoon).

  • any many, many more ...

Gadgets are interesting. They can help to turn the tide to win, or they can turn your machine into a useless piece of steel. If they are not assembled logically, you can easily be beaten, no matter how powerful your stats are.

Gadgets can help boost your machineโ€™s HP, HP stats and the effectiveness of your gadgets depend on their rarity and level. Each gadget has a certain power stat and the chassis needs to have enough power to attach gadgets on.

Gadget has many parameters

  • HP : or health points that will be added up if the gadget is equipped

  • Nationality: There is 8 nation in the game - heart for red, sky for light blue, crown for gold, tsunami for dark blue, forest for green, dream for purple, snow for white and flamingo for pink. Each nation has a different Ace (general) that will buff for all nation machine parts in combat.

  • Energy: The cost of energy that chassis must have in order to equip gadget

  • Level: The higher level, the more powerful machine part will be

  • Rarity: There are 4 types of rarity in game. Common -> Rare -> Mythical -> Legendary.

You can see all the information of the Machine parts in the Database link

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